Rockland Abundance Center

Based at Rocklands Primary in Mitchells Plain, the Rocklands Abundance Centre is the Campus for our Resilience Training of the association Seed.

The history of the association starts back to 1998 when Robina McCurdy came to South Africa from New Zealand and facilitated a three-month pilot at one school.The initial pilot at Bongolethu Primary School was run as a unique collaboration between three Organisations (Abalimi Bezekhaya, The Novalis Institute and EarthCare Aotorea).

The pilot focused on developing lesson plans and transforming the grounds of the school.There was a strong focus on re-connecting people to the land and on indigenous knowledge, arts and culture.

Through the years the association grew, implementing courses of sustainability and resilience in schools.

In the last years the association has held courses of permaculture, the programs teach a blend of personal development and technical permaculture training with low-cost resilience techniques, and equips individuals with hard and soft skills that promote greater levels of self-knowledge and behavior change. The results are higher levels of personal resilience and wellbeing.

It is a practical demonstration of a post carbon living, earth sensitive building, resilient and replicable urban agricultural models. 


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