Network of Public Spaces for All at the Central Metro Stations in Warsaw

This is a huge project of public space, built in a bottom-up, inclusive design process from 2010 to 2022, inspired, coordinated & co-designed by the Urban Sports Square foundation. 

It involved the spaces at the three important stops: Ratusz Arsenał (City Hall and one of the most popular transit hubs), Świętokrzyska (interchange station) and Centrum Nauki Kopernik (riverbank promenade station). These stations combined note more than 2.1 million monthly entries per official data.

The bottom-up co-design process was developed in two phases. The first one of research and participatory design involving the city through workshops, from 2012 to 2017. The second one of design and construction.

The process lead to 3 projects, the first one (Riverbank station) integrates a training facility with the Vistula river promenade used by over 1 million pedestrians per year. The bridge provides shelter from most weather situations, extending the period of comfortable use well over any outdoor facility. 

The Taras project involved the area across the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw (Interchange station), early concept drawing presenting the scope of the intervention its three main functional areas: wooden deck around the pavilion, alley of ping-pong tables, and the meadow with hammocks and arranged seating.

City Hall metro station is located at the one of the busiest transit hubs in Warsaw, just at the northern edge of the central district. The architects have added over 1 meter of soil on top of the tunnel and this has provided the ability to plant much more greenery. Twenty four trees have been planted, along with thousands of smaller plants.


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